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Local Elected Officials Pledge

The “Pledge to Support Active Transportation,” launched by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and our partners in the Partnership for Active Transportation, is an opportunity for local elected officials to defend the federal Transportation Alternatives Program and oppose efforts to decrease federal investment in active transportation.

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Federal Policy Platform

The Partnership’s Safe Routes to Everywhere platform provides a fiscally prudent way forward to invest in active transportation networks, to move people safely, increase and provide access to opportunities for economic development, and facilitate routine physical activity. Any local, state or national organization—nonprofit, private sector or public sector—committed to the policies and principles expressed in Safe Routes to Everywhere is encouraged to join the movement by endorsing the policy platform.

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  1. By signing the Declaration, your name and organization will be added to those who support active transportation and you will receive periodic updates from the Partnership for Active Transportation and the members of our Leadership Council.
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